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fault on a customers 3.2 q at work.

murran Jan 15, 2012

  1. murran

    murran Registered User

    really doing my head in this is.
    06 plate a3 3.2q manual, bub engine. 40oddk on it.
    seems to drive fine but these faults keep coming up.
    cant remember the actual codes but.

    4wd electronics...
    haldex clutch mechanical fault.

    abs fault...
    n/s/r (lr) abs senor signal implausible
    n/s/r (lr) abs sensor mechanical fault

    head light range control...
    check brake electronics...

    weve replaced the n/s/r wheel bearing and abs sensor to no avail.
    theres no more resistance in the wiring to the n/s/r sensor as there is to the o/s/r.
    needs a good 20 minutes test drive for the faults to come back after deleting them.

    not sure how the haldex fault fits in, but it seems to be working just fine with all wheels off the ground and running thru the system test on the vas 5052 diagnostics.

    any advice appreciated.
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  3. murran

    murran Registered User


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