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Emission light (dpf) ????

SM18 Sep 9, 2018

  1. SM18

    SM18 Audi A3

    Am new to this so excuse me if I’ve posted to wrong part, etc.

    I have a diesel Audi A3 8v 64plate 67k on clock

    A week ago I have the emission light (Amber engine symbol) appear, so plugged in my cheap n cheerful code reader and got P2002 and pending p2002 / 2. Dpf related. Ran it to my local garage and he had it a day and suspected either faulty sensor or Dpf filter. He checked sensors and dpf flow all seemed well. So advised me to go to Audi or Audi specialist.

    So I decided the Audi specialist.. they had it two days and said maybe sensor ready wrong and saying dpf filter needs regen, but his computer couldn’t start regen. They kept the car for a two days, tried new sensors, ran it to an electrical expect, still no luck and eventually ran a forced regen on rolling road, which fixed it. Happy days.

    After picking car up and going on to use it the next day (today) the light has come back on!

    Car runs fine when light on no power loss or anything! I will be ringing them Monday to see what they’re going to do next,
    But I’m hoping someone out there has had similar issues and can help me?

    Many thanks
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  3. Vik_L

    Vik_L New Member

    Hi, I'm new here but I saw your threads on this fault code and symptoms. I have the same happening on my A5 where the engine shaped emissions light comes on and codes appear as P2002. I can clear the codes down but then a few days later light comes back on. Wondering if the issue is resolved for you and what it was? Appreciate any help

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