Electric windows/mirrors stop working + Interior light stays on


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Dec 17, 2004
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Hi, I've been using my A4 Avant this morning and after parking up with the drivers windows slightly open I now find I can not close it. I am also unable to open the passenger side window, adjust electric wing mirrors and the interior light & both map lights stay on if engine is running and doors are closed. The only way I can switch off interior lights is by moving switch to position "0".

A couple of weeks ago I had a electric window problem in that by pressing/lifting the window switch to auto open/close mode it would not respond. Only manual mode was working. After parking overnight the system started working again.

Any one have any ideas what's going on please?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Thanks for reply Lon.

Sounds expensive. Car no longer under warranty, ran out 2 months ago (typical). If a spare unit can be found can this be fitted without going to a garage. i.e - does it need configuring for the car?

Also, does anyone know where this module is so that I can check for water damage etc.

The module is coded for the options you have on your car. When they replaced mine under warranty, they didn't code it up correctly and I ended up with the rear elec windows not working, and the rear foot and door lights not working either. The codes are dependant on whether you have rear elec windows, interior light pack, auto wipers etc. I can have a look when I get home, but I think it lives under one of the front seats, or in the footwell. I'll have a look on ElsaWin at home for you.
My convernience module packed up last year.

You can get them from vagparts but make sure you are sitting down when you hear the price.

A simple DIY job to replace but you will need vag-com to code the new module (remote locking etc)
Its located under the passenger footwell carpet in a dark plastic box

I bought a spare one off ebay as I hear this is a very common fault.
Thanks for the help all.

I've checked the fuses (after finding them). And the ones marked for this unit appear ok. I'll have look for the controller tomorrow. Had a quick look tonight before it got too dark and suspect I have to rase the carpet to get to it.

At least the window is only down about an inch so its not too bad at the moment.