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Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

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Hello all,

we are looking for an Audi RS3 to develop one of our custom maps for. We already have extensive knowledge of the engine management system these cars use, but want to identify and study any particular quirks.

We would need your car initially for an hour or so to read the ECU. You would then take your car away for a week or so while we study the data. After that, we'd need the car back for a day or so to do the actual tuning. We know these are expensive cars and you can be present at all times if you like.

In exchange for the use of your car you will receive a very high quality custom map.

We are located in Stockport, near Manchester.

Please PM if you are interested :)

Thanks, Rick


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Sure someone will bite your arm off!

Long drive from Sunny South Wales.

Good luck :sm4:


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Someone really should snap us this offer, Rick really knows his stuff when it comes to mapping and making cars go like they should. You only have to take a look on AudiSRS and see the praise he has been getting mapping B5 S4/RS4's. He is half way through mapping my Edition 30 Golf which he has done a awesome job on so far!

Don't forget, this isn't just a generic flash like most tuners, it is a proper custom map.