Couple of questions S3


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Jan 23, 2009
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Hi Guys,

Ive noticed some things with my 2000 S3 which I am not sure is normal or not;

1.) When I lock it on the key fob only one side of indicators flash rather than both sides. It isnt really a problem but I'm just wondering whether its a sign of a problem?

2.) My trip computer in the centre of the clocks is faulty and not all of the LED's light up making it difficult to see the figures, my question is, is it possible to buy some second hand clocks and then just replace the working trip computer into my old clocks so I dont have to mess around with the milage, or is it hard fixed onto the board. I'm pretty handy with the tools so not worried at all about removing/fitting the new computer.

Cheers for any input.
Sep 6, 2004
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the DIS is a common fault, there is a company that will fix it think a link was posted the other day. Dont know about the indicators all mine flash when locking