Couple of minor mods....


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Well had a bit of time off over the last few weeks, Couldn't afford to go away anywhere so have just been doing the pottering about option.

of course this also means I have time on my hands which then also means i end up spending out on things i spot on Ebay as a whim so have done a few choice little mods which i am quite pleased with so thought i would share.

First off was a new rear wiper arm as don't want to delete it as i use it quite a lot. After seeing Jojo`s with the polo arm and blade fitted i knew what i was looking for so a quick looksee on ebay found this for £9 Aero Rear Wiper Arm +Blade For VW Golf I to V &Polo 2002-05 &Touran 2003-09 L29 | eBay

I then wanted to ditch the old retro hook style aero blades i have been using since owning the car as they are not bad but still don't look as good as the genuine VW ones. Found a set from a breakers yard that had the arms and blades of a Mk4
Golf that were genuine and reasonably priced.
From the outside they look quite similar to the retro style but the arms a proper flat

The main difference is from the inside as now the whole arm and blade is almost completely unseen

Last real tweak was with my Catch Can setup as the can i have has 15mm outlets and the pipework i was using was 19mm so looked a bit **** plus i only had enough to run my vent to atmos just behind the subframe. So i found some nitrile fuel hose that was 15mm and bought a few metres its £7.39 per metre Petrol Fuel Hose Pipe Strimmers Chainsaws Lawnmowers Small Plant Nitrile Tubing | eBay. It is ideal for my setup as i managed to use it to replace a small length off my T piece as the new pipe is stretchy enough to go over it (just) and then ran the vent right back under the car to where the fuel tank is using the brake lines as a guide.

Nothing very exciting i know but am pleased with my weekends work and purchases :)


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
Cheers Sandra :) yeah its all the little things that 99% of the world would never know were different lol isn't it weird how some second hand wiper blades can make me happy


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Slowly but surely mate, it's taken me 12 years to get my car to where it is today! LMFAO! :laugh:


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fitting a catch can is going to be one of my next mods (when i get around to fabricating one) hopefully get a n249 delete sorted aswell, want to clean up the bay a bit. looks alot smarter than having hoses all over the place!


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
I ummed and ahhd about a catch can for ages but its so easy to do plus gets rid of that spiders web of pipes and **** under the inlet manifold its defo worthwhile plus you don't even have to empty it that often.

If you do it I recommend the vent to atmos option as this then makes sure you don't put an of the oily residue back into the TIP.


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
Slowly but surely mate, it's taken me 12 years to get my car to where it is today! LMFAO! :laugh:

Still looks good Jo as I said when we spoke at AITP. Infact some bits of your car like the headlights look brand spanking new! plus the mini wing mirrors don't look too bad at all in the flesh :)