Cloud of smoke after lambda change - is this normal?


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Hi all,

recently had my MAF, engine mounts, boost valve and injector seals changed. On Tuesday got the car back after both lambda sensor changes (didn't drive it on Wednesday very much). Last night I cleared the original lambda sensor faults (week signal) and today floored it on the bypass. Got a massive cloud of smoke and temporary loss of power. Took it round the bypass again and after flooring it a few times there was no more smoke or loss in power. I'm just thinking it was some kind of residue or gunk left in the system after all of the repairs. What are your thoughts?




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If it keeps doing it then worry.

If this is as you say soon after all that work was done, then it could be the system clearing out and ECU re adjusting measurement settings.

Keep an eye on it, scan again for peace of mind thenmove on if nothing happens again.