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Clocks for Audi 100

Shaohao Jul 27, 2020

  1. Shaohao

    Shaohao New Member


    I have a problem.

    I bought an Audi 100 C4 from 1991. 2.3 AAR gas engine.

    The clocks (on the mainboard) are as follows: fuel level indicator, coolant temperature, tachometer and external temperature display.

    Additional 3 indicators are the watch, oil temperature, oil pressure.

    After a short time it turned out that the coolant temperature indicator and fuel level indicator are not working.

    What's worse, the fuel level indicator was glued (!) to the MAX point.

    I tried to replace the gauges but the temperature gauge was not working, it still does not rise.

    As for the fuel gauge, it burned right away, I think the motherboard burned it.

    I have to replace the motherboard or the clocks.

    Will the clocks from Audi C4 A6 fit?

    If there is a voltmeter in the auxiliary clocks, will it work?

    Will they fit from 2.6 or 2.8 gas or 2.5 diesel engines?

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