Catch to open the bonnet is very hard to open?


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I went to top up the windscreen washer reservoir this morning but the catch to open the bonnet doesn't seem to do anything!? After (almost feeling like it was going to snap off!) pulling really hard it made a slight sound but the bonnet is slightly ajar but not open if that makes sense. The last few times it's been getting worse but it's always opened.

Anybody has this happen to them before? Just disappointed with the supposed "premium" quality of such a car.

Thanks guys.
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I'll assume you mean the bonnet release handle under the dash rather than the one on the underside of the bonnet. If so get someone to press down on the bonnet on both sides where the catches are located (behind the headlamps) whilst you're pulling the under dash handle & it should open (the person pushing down is releasing some of the pressure on the catches). Once open lube the catches / adjust the bump stops.