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Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!
Hi all

I have been reading alot the about A4 (b6) since owning my 1st Audi A4 1.8T s-line
I love the car, but would like to find the detailed thread i was reading about 4-6 week's ago about uprating the Anti Roll Bars to Audi S4 A.R.B's
the thread was very usefull and had all the part numbers and step by step guide..Please could someone point me in the direction to this.

Thanks ..:yes::yes:


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BTW way welcome and get some pic's up!!!



Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!
Many Thanks

I will get some pics up as soon as i can work out how to??
I have owned the car for 2 weeks & 4 day's now and am thinking what to do first..

A. Change the long life oil and fillter because i have read some bad things about the problems that come with the L/life oil ..The car as done 36k only and oil is not due tobe changed yet .If i do change the oil/filter what do you guy's use and so on.

B. Change the A.R.B to help the handling.

C. Have the timing belt done for piece of mind in early 2009.

D. Get center arm rest ? miss having an arm rest .

C.Replace front disc's/Pad's early in 2009 (i don't do very many miles per year ,only about 7k per year)

E. What after market panel filter to go for.

Again many thank's