can i wash polishing pads


'96 a4 1.8 se
got some lake country polishing pads a while back from polished bliss, have only previously used the ones with little or no cut for polishing and waxing but this week i had a go at some paint restoring. as my car is out of action i'm using the wife's motor just now which is a very very faded shade of its former colour.

anyway i've had a quick blast at it with the cutting pads and it works great but now my white and orange pads are red! have only done the front so far but just wondered if i can clean them when i'm finished, or should i even be cleaning them after every use?


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during the polishing process you can use a nail brush to keep the pad as clean as possible but once finished clean them after every use

after polishing put the pad in the sink and put a drop of fairy liquid on the pad and work the pad with your fingers with hot water to remove all the polish/paint residue and rinse thoroughly.
to dry just leave to air dry on the drainer :icon_thumright: