Buying a B6 3.0 quattro sport


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im thinking of buying an 02 plate 3.0i sport quattro ,what goes wrong with these and what to look out for when veiwing one , the car i got in mind has done 104k with fash , are these quattros permanent 4wd like the b5 shape . im thinking of selling a bmw 330ci for this car , any help would be appreiciated or shall i get the 1.8t version of this car , i like the votex bodykit on these cars
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1.8TQ S-Line is my preference on the petrols, but the 3.0 petrol is a very nice car too - not as light and/or tunable, but nice smooth refined power.... that said, I tuned 2.5TDi will have more power and better economy than a tuned 3.0 petrol :)

Regardless of which one you get, make sure you get the Sport version - Limited Slip Differential on the rear.... which given you've had a 330ci, you'll appreciate what it's like to NOT have one of these!

Some of the manuals are 5-speed and some are 6-speed... not a manjor negative and in most ways, actually a positive! The 5 speed's are on the older 3.0's and despite having the same engine, power, etc... are about 90kg's lighter than the 6 speeds and are actually quicker (accelleration and top speed!) and have marginally better mpg and emissions.


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All A4Q's are permanent 4WD with the B6 having a 50:50 split.
As Lostbok says not tunable as per the 1.8TQ if you want to take it to the limit.

Votex is personal opinion and like marmite!
Personally not my cup of tea as it is stuck on over the top of the standard mouldings - the GmBH kit or S-Line kit is sleeker kit IMO - hence I added it to my 51 plate. GmBH kit not available I think until 54 plate as factory install.
GmBH/S-Line - can be retrofitted as per Lostbok (via Fontain... sorry Lostbok don't want to bring up the mishap they did on yours) and myself (was DIY).

Had mine from 2 years old -
1. There was a oil level problem I had, DIS reports low oil level but oil level fine - eventualy Audi admitted it was a known problem!! Was an ECU replacement for me under remaining 1 year factory warranty. Apparently software bug.
2. Oil leak out the back of gearbox to rear wheel drive. (non-Audi fix ~ £200 inc. Parts)
3. Convenience module (central locking & elec. windows) were intermittent, unit had actually died. (DIY replacement with VAG-COM and Audi replacement part.)

Been pretty good for me - although very low mileage as weekend car.

However, my colleague at work.....
A4 3.0QS Manual-6sp (?53-plate?)
1. Engine Vibration - difficult to gear change = Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch replacement => DMFW/Clutch replaced (not by Audi)
2. Oil leak out the back of gearbox to rear wheel drive => Done with 1.
3. Cruise Control stopped working = Clutch Switch failed as result of improper fit of Clutch => diagnosed with VAG-COM and £11 part from Audi (DIY fit)
4. Catalyst sensor failure on one bank = ECU warning light on dash => replaced sensor
5. A/C actuator failed = only showed up on VAG-COM scan => he just ignored!!
6. Front Wheel bearing = drone noise => replaced (not by Audi)

My mate has had a spell of bad luck over the last 3 years or so!


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i have the 1.8T quattro sport 163bhp (b4 re-map) and it is a fantastic car to drive. the main problem i have with mine is that everytime i need something fixed, the parts are always reasonably priced - it's the cost in labour that makes it really expensive.

when i was looking at getting an A4, it was the 3.0 that i wanted and the one i saw on the web was sold when i called back to switch the cash to buy it. i think so long as you keep on top of maintenance they are all good motors to have.

hope this helps.


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The Audi 3.0 q will never compare to your 330ci as the 330 is quite nippy, i would go for the 1.8t with the capabilities of being tuneable.


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ok thanks guys , labour dont come into it as i do all the work myself as im an ex car mech, now a 747 mech , a4s have a complicated suspension setup compared with 3 series which are simple to work on (ive had 16) i think a nice 1.8t sport quattro is on the cards, gotta have the votex kit though ,after xmas now though