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Boot liner and mud flaps

Philb65 Apr 24, 2019

  1. Philb65

    Philb65 Member

    New car should be here soon so need to get sorted with a boot liner. Any recommendations from people who have them? Seen this one on eBay.

    I also live in the sticks and the roads are pretty awful so I’m probably going to fit some front mud flaps at least. Again any recommendations or have people just gone with the Audi ones? I want a decent fit so might have to bite the bullet although I will have a look at fitting Kaylan flaps as they should offer a bit more protection.

    Car is an Avant Sline.

    Cheers Phil
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  3. DotNetDude

    DotNetDude Active Member TDi Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    A friend bought one of these (not that specific one, just one like that) and it really did stink of rubber. Took ages for the smell to go.

    Personally I use a plastic backed dust sheet, normally used for decorating. I cut it to fit, so that it goes up the sides, I can extend it to cover the back of the rear seats and the rear doors when the rear seats are down, and I also have a tail piece that I can hang out over the bumper, so I don't scratch the plastic when loading. I will often be using it with the seats down so I can load it up with logs, and having with the dust sheet cover the entire car protects it really well. In my previous A4 I did the same thing and in all the trips to the dump, or with all the logs, not once did anything piece the sheet and damage the interior.
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  4. Paul Duckworth

    Paul Duckworth New Member

  5. Philb65

    Philb65 Member

    Cheers I’ll take a look.
  6. Jenkobenko

    Jenkobenko Active Member

    I may invest in one of these, they look pretty decent.
  7. Philb65

    Philb65 Member

    looked on custom covers and the only A6 Avant is 2011 onwards. Hasn’t the c8 variant got a bit bigger in dimensions?
    Can’t see anything for the current car sadly.

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