Black = worse colour?!?


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I've had my Audi for a few weeks now. I am starting notice little scratches everywhere. Does black show every light scratch?!?!


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Yes it shows every little mark, I would presume that the seller used a polish with fillers so you didn't see them all but now it's wearing off they all start to appear!

Few small light scratches on my s3 when I picked up, detailed it then left on drive whilst I use my van for work, washed next weekend and my asbo cats have abused the roof with their claws!!!

When it's clean though it looks immense!

24 hours later needs a wash again lol

A good machine polish should get rid of any light scratches!

To be fair the cats vandalised my van which is silver and you can see it as much as the black just a little less harsh on the eye.

I'd rather have scratches over holograms any day that's the worst thing about black, found that out the hard way!


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had 5 black cars now, light scratches you have to learn to live with but a good wax does minimise it and gives some good protection, you'll be amazed how long it can actually look clean for, from experience it's no worse than any other colour bar silver, but the wet gloss look once it's clean looks immense!!