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After buying my approved used car one month ago with Auto Glym life shine ! I notice after washing alot of fine scratches on the bonnet...

I reakon they polished the car up and hid all these blemishes. Now a couple of months on I am spotting a new scratch every weekend...

Whats the best plan for me to tidy up the front of my car... Bonnet, bumper and maybe the two wheel arch panels....

I am planning to get the bumper re-sprayed to get rid of the awful stone chips... Can you suggest a plan for the bonnet and wheel arches....




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AutoGlym Super Resin Polish is good stuff for hiding scratches/swirls by hand, and then a layer or two of collinite 476s wax.

what are using to wash the car?
do you use one or two buckets?
do you use a sponge or a wash mitt?


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well you can remove them by hand but it will take ages, sounds like you need it machine polishing but if you are not using the best wash technique you will be inflicting more swirls/scratches every time you wash it

something like meguiars scratchx will remove them by hand but as i said before it will be a very long job


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do the fine scratches on your bonnet look like this:


these are swirl marks caused by poor washing technique or the dreaded automatic car wash


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You will probably need a porter cable, also denim blue is a pearl colour not metalic..
thanks for the info

yes there are swirl marks but there are also quite a few horizontal and vertical scrach lies about as long as a 30cm ruler !!

must have been the previous owners washing technique....

I am using a wool hand mit with auto glym car shampoo...

I am going to take it to a bodyshop in Hatfield on Monday to get the bumper re-sprayed and I was thinkin of getting the bonnet machine polished....



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i'd say go to a pro and get the car fully detailed. They should be able to get the scratches out if there water blade damage.

I have no knowledge of pro detailers with a good reputation.. can you suggest anywhere. I am in St Albans but wouldnt mind travelling if they came highly reccomended

Thanks and regards



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The bodyshop will beable to detail the car for you!