B9 RS4 & RS5 Info

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Picture of the A3 Clubsport!


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.....shame they are moving away from the V8. It was always going to happen I suppose. Although that does have some pros in regards to general running costs which was one of the main reasons I was put off the B8 over the S4. No doubt I'll end up getting one of these after they've been around for a bit......looks epic.

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Update on info for the B9 engines for the RS4 & S4 :thumbs up:

This is old information and out of date.

Audi's current head of R&D, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg has clearly stated in an interview with this months EVO magazine the following:

  • Audi will stick with large V-configuration petrol engines because they're premium.
  • The new petrol V's will be turbocharged, a single turbo for the regular range and twin-turbos for the performance variants.
  • The supercharged V6 in the S4 is history - the next S4 will have an all-new twin-turbo V6
  • The next RS4 will lose its V8 for a highly tuned version of the new twin-turbo v6 possibly with electric turbos.
  • The twin-turbo 3-litre TDi V6 engine fits in the new A4, but the business case is not currently viable for an 'S4D'
He mention a load more other stuff but these are the items pertaining to the S4 and RS4

I have tried to speak to my friends in the Audi powertrain department and even though they are not saying much they did confirm the the EVO interview is pretty accurate.

That said, I am very familiar with the automotive design process having spent many years in it and things change and multiple streams of design are worked on at any one time. This means a change of direction can be made at any point. Remember the 1st S5's, they got the old S4 V8 (340bhp) because the V6T wasn't ready when the chassis was designed, it later got changed for the supercharged unit.

You may see the 1st B9 S4 with the V6T engine until the twin-turbo is absolutely spot on then they'll swap it out,


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strange obsession that people have with "Avant" body style.

well.. hang on. let me clarify... what I mean is... why is it that some people would only buy an RS4 if it is an Avant bodystyle, and it has become so expected at this point, that Audi won't even make a sedan version at all, because people think of the RS4 and even the mighty RS6 as Avant only.

No disrespect to anyone here who has a badass RS Avant overseas. I have absolutely nothing necessarily against them per se, as I know they have their fierce and loyal following, but personally I have zero interest in any Avant body style of any car brand. I strongly prefer sedans/coupes and would definitely consider a sedan version RS4 in the future if it ever became available.

For now, I'll be keeping my awesome new S4 for years as I am very pleased with it, but now that I am an Audi owner, I already get excited about what my next Audi might be! :)


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I do remember reading that Audi chose the avant shape for the original RS4 (B5) for technical reasons - something to do with the fact that it was more rigid than the saloon/sedan. Considering the debacle they had about 'soft' wheels, they clearly had challenges so I could believe that.

Since then I believe one of the RS4 generations included the saloon/sedan but then it went back to avant only? I can't believe that this was again due to technical reasons so it must be marketing. My guess is that the ROI for some of the RS models is not great and so the business justification is the 'lure' factor to interest buyers in the rest of the range. If that is true then it would make sense not to sell where there is competition. The obvious competitor is the BMW M4. Since BMW have generally used the coupe and saloon/sedan shape for their M4, I guess Audi can attract buyers who want a more practical performance car?


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strange obsession that people have with "Avant" body style.
Maybe because my dog wouldn't like being in the trunk of a sedan?

In the UK at least, conventional saloons (=sedans) are almost history. Hatchbacks, SUVs and estates(=wagons) rule for day-to-day driving, just due to practicality. Compared to a sedan, the same sized wagon can hold a whole lot more. Trip to IKEA? Refrigerator to the dump? Family camping trip? No problem in an Avant.

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Pardon my knowledge, but does it say Quattro on the grill on the finalised model? That's horrendous if it does. Im not a fan of de badging cars as previously commented but this is like putting stickers in the window like Kevin & Tracey...


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Looking more and more like Jon olsons hideous make up on his old RS6 "puke"
Idstill have one though hahah :p


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Polarization. RS4, Avant. M3 M4, Sedan Coupe. MB C63 all configurations. Same segment. Different marketing/engineering philosophy. Interesting.