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B7 S4 Cab... is it a risk??

Balders Oct 24, 2018

  1. Balders

    Balders New Member

    hi all not posted on here before but looking seriously at a 2007 S4 Cab. Only 3 owners 59k on the clock and full history with all docs and previous MOT’s etc. Current owner garaged it and meticulously looks after it as a weekend car. All signs are positive that it’s a genuine well looked after motor. It’s also available for £8k ish... so my worry is after reading loads of stories about the dreaded engine out service is the mechanics around the chain fail... how often this this actually happen on these motors, what’s people’s experience?

    Love the noise and it’s a lot of car for the money but I’m not keen on surprises!! I ran a 57 plate 3.2 Cab and regretted selling it so familiar with the model but the V8’s something I need to get out of my system.

    What are people’s experiences of running these between 60 &90k miles?

    Cheers in advance Paul
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  3. 1781cc

    1781cc New Member

    I've had two S4's and not had the engine out of either, make sure when you look at the car that its cold, pop the bonnet and make sure its not warm, tell the owner that you will be performing this test and if you get there and its warm you will just walk, its key. If the engine rattles on start-up more than the usual tappet noise before the hydraulics lube up, its going to need tensioners and guides. Its a 3K process, engine out.

    Don't be put off seeing one though, like I said, I had two and no issues.

    Other things to check:

    - aux rads leak
    - coil pack changes must have proof - they are a consumable on S4s, I don't know why, but it likes to chomp them
    - exhaust flaps can stick, either, open, shut or between, its fixable, but just be aware
    - If its a manual, it will need a clutch and flywheel change before or around 100K miles, if its an auto, you are laughing, its arguably the better box for a cabriolet as well.
    - make sure its got full fat RNS-E and preferably Bose
    - Check any leaks from the roof
    - Check water ingress around the rear boot hatch and footwell, it points to a leaky 3rd brake light or blocked drains
    - If the steering feels too light for you, pull the servotronic fuse/relay and see how that feels
    - if you can scan it with VCDS before buying that would be a major boon

    These are good cars when you get a good one
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  4. Sveneng

    Sveneng New Member

    I’ve had my S4 cab for two years and it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. In that time I’ve had to have the front suspension arms, replaced due to perished bushes (around £650) but that’s a common B7 problem rather than S4 specific (although the S4 parts cost more). I had a crank case sensor replaced to cure an intermittent hot start issue (£250). The roof pump failed which is a £1200 replacement from Audi but I bought a refurbished part for £150 and changed it myself. Again though that’s a common B7 cab problem not S4 specific. I invested in the VCDS software so I can investigate fault codes myself and change certain settings (it’s paid for itself with the pump problem and start fault). I looked at several before finding the perfect one for me. I researched thoroughly so had no nasty surprises. I don’t regret buying it for a second but I would say take your time and do your research. Good luck!
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  5. Balders

    Balders New Member

    Thanks both, really helpful. I’ve seen two now which looked great on autotrader but in real life weren’t in as good a shape! I’m in no rush and want to find the right car, the one I referenced above is about an hour and half from me but after a couple of chats with the owner I’m going to go down and see it early next week.

    I ran my 3.2 cab for 18 months and had the roof and suspension bush faults but to be fair they’re older cars now and these things are going to crop up... I also got used to 18-20 mpg average so pretty comfortable that’s probs going to be the best I can get in the S4!! I sold it for a nearly new golf R but the noise has always left me wanting more despite it being the fastest thing around after a stage 2 remap.

    I’m starting a new job so will be using the train for most of the week the putting some cash back in the bank and getting a fun motor with a big lump seems like a no brainer now.

    I’m looking at a Dolphin Grey standard S4 with tiptronic and red leather, Bose, upgraded Bluetooth with steaming and what looks like really comprehensive history and short service intervals.

    I’ll take on board all of the above when looking, really appreciate the advice.

  6. KIll_the_cameras

    KIll_the_cameras Member

    Hi, I've just bought a 2006 3.2 FSI CAB after test driving a few of them and a few S4s. I only heard 1 of them with the chain rattle, and another owner admitted a start-up rattle on the phone so I didn't bother. What seems common tho, is a leaky valve cover gasket on bank 2, which is obvious as it burns off on the mainifold, so open the bonnet after the test drive and check it's not smoking. It's about a £125-00 at the garage (getting mine done next week - owner knocked the £££s off). The S4 mileage sucks, and honestly they're are not as quick as you think. I was a little dissappointed, so settled on the slightly more economical 3.2, and it sounds almost as good as the V8 anyway.
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  7. petetheprop

    petetheprop Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet

    Had both the 3.2 and the S4 did 40k in the v6 and so far about 12k in the S4. I had no engine issues with either but as above the cold start is key and check for regular oil change history. on average across the years I got 4mpg more out of the v6 but the S4 is better. Heavier and more planted but with so much torque low down and just keeps pulling. Stock exhaust is good but a bit too subdued for me. And on the plus side if you do need to sort the chains then you can also do some more serious tuning whilst the lump is out!
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  8. ramboDTM

    ramboDTM Member

    Also another thing to do on the S4 (albiet a design flaw rather than anything else) is to have the pre-cats removed. They very commonly start clogging up after 100k and can start causing problems. They also put a lot of load/pressure on the engine, so its a possible reason as to why the cam cover gaskets frequently leak!
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  9. keithwbloom

    keithwbloom New Member

    @Balders I have had my 2007 S4 4.2L 6MT since August 2013 when I bought it with 82K well-looked after miles on the clock. It now has 156K and it is every bit the blast to drive it was when I first drove it. Only significant mod (aside from B8.5 19s) is a full stainless touring exhaust from AWE, a custom shop in the USA. Best soundtrack ever. Oh, and I replaced top this past summer, grew tired of repairing seal on OE rear window and found a nearly new aftermarket top in blue on a B7 cabriolet at my favorite breaker. $250 and a couple of full afternoons later, no leaks!

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