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B6 Front Top Mounts - B5 Compatibility Question

Scott325SE Oct 12, 2018

  1. Scott325SE

    Scott325SE New Member

    Hi All.
    So I've heard that the B5 Top Mounts will lower the ride height of a B6 by approx 15mm but my question is thus -
    Is it the rubber top mount or the Aluminium 3-bolted top-mount/perch that does this lowering?
    My situation is, that I have an aluminium top mount/perch which has some poor threads, due to a ham-fisted garage going F.T. on the bolts. As we all know, Aluminium threads dont tend to last long with gorillas at them! So I need to change them. I've also been contemplating dropping the front-end by 10-15mm, to get a more equal arch-gap, Front vs. Rear.
    My thought-process is "Will new B5 Aluminium Mount/Perches do this lowering, or will I need B6 aluminium perches and rubber B5 mounts?" (to fix the poor thread situation and also do the lowering)

    Many thanks for anyone that can help.
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  3. SemedoB6

    SemedoB6 Black and white a4

    I haven't done this myself but from what I've seen posted the perches do the lowering.
    I stalling them will drop the height of your ride.

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  4. QuattroCalum

    QuattroCalum Well-Known Member saloon Audi A4 Black Edition Saloon Manual

    The seat the spring sits on is the part that does the lowering, ie the part that slides down over the shock absorber.

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  5. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    The top mounts are different to the B6 I'm led to believe. As already mentioned, it's the spring perch that slides over the shock absorber and rests near the bottom of the shock that does the actual lowering.

    Have a read of this thread, also some good pics....

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