AVUS on A6 - have tech spec & need your experience

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Hi all,

I have tried 17*8 ET35 wearing 255/40/17 on my 2000 C5 A6 2.8 Quattro. They don't fit because there is only about 2mm between tyre and suspension!

On standard wheels I can fit my finger in between tyre suspension.

I have found the following tech elsewhere:

The B5 S4 Avus and B6 sport wheels (both versions) are 17x7.5, ET45.

The B6 S4 Avus is 18x8, ET45.

The S6 Avus is 17x8, ET35.

The S8 Avus is 18x8, ET48.

The "correct" tyre width for the narrow body A6's (given speedo, clearance, etc.) is 235. IMHO, this width needs an offset somewhere. between 35 and 43.

So, despite other users' good experiences with the ET45s and 235 Tyres (and there are some opposing experiences also), I'd say that. you would definitely need spacers with the S8 version, and possibly with the B5 and B6 versions. Fine with the S6s.

Back to me again, the above was from another thread. So, I know the offset is correct (at ET35) and I can work up from existing wheels:

- 205/55 up one step to
- 215/50 up one step to
- 225/45 up one step tot
- 235/40 which is mentioned above

I also know that 255/40 is too wide and has too great a rolling radius (because I have tried fitting them and because the step up says 235/40 not 255/40.

So, has anyone put 17*8 ET35 Avus on a C5 quattro (these are the S6 Avus's not S3 or S4 because the offset
is wrong at ET45) and have they fitted 235/40 Tyres and checked for rubbing?

Any help would be really appreciated as I've driven around the country trying these and can't afford to buy 4 * 235/40 to try on someone else's Avus's on the off chance that they fit :) aaarrgh, what if they don't fit :(

Cheers guys
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Hi, my Audi A6 C5 2.7T Avant had stock 16x7" ET43 215/55: now I have Nuvolari 18x8 ET35 235/40 without any rubber or "touch" on suspension. I only have standard height (1BA chassis) and it seems like an Allroad with suspension on max.
Hi all.