Aux belt on a 2.0 TDI


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any one changed their belt on a 2.0TDi? mines still OK but I have a new one to go on as I thought sod it and got everything for the service :happy: but there appears to be no easy way to get to the tensioner to move it out the way and make the belt slack... any tips or hints etc?

(theres no haynes for the b7 yet... which doenst help)



mike beech

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I struggled with the belt change on my girlfriends old A3 2.0TDI last year, the pulley came off the alternator and i managed to swap that over no probs but then was messing around for ages with the tensioner. I was trying to undo the big nut on the side of it and all sorts with no luck.

Its spring loaded and once I'd spoken to a mechanic mate of mine it was really simple. As you look at the tensioner and belt there will be a flat section of the tensioner with which you place an open ended spanner on and push down releasing the tension of the belt. As usual I can't remember exactly what sized spanner it was but it will have been at least a 13mm possibly a 17mm.

I know the engine is the other way in the A4 but if anything it should be a simpler job to swap the belt than on the A3 once youve figured out which way the tensioner needs to rotate.

If you do a search for changing the serpentine belt it may bring up a diagram, I also asked on the ukmiv's golf forum and I'm sure someone posted the picture but as I said above I'd already sussed it after talking to a friend.