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AUM 1.8T dodgy oil pressure/pump ???

DionBullock Aug 9, 2010

  1. DionBullock

    DionBullock Dion

    Hey guys! Had a quick look on the search but couldt find anything so i need some help or advice please???

    I was driving home the other day when a warning light started to flash on my dashboard. it was the oil can light flashing and beeping like crazy! So i pulled over, had a look under the bonnet, checked the dipstick (plenty of oil) checked the coolant level and everything looked a-ok...

    so jamp back in the car and drove a few miles home, light wentoff as soon as i set off again). But after a few miles a weird noise started coming from the engine... oil light stayed off, temp guage was fine, weird! by the time id got home (3-4 miles later) , the noise was quite noticable and thought that was it, the engine is ******! But after 10 mins i started her up again and she sounded fine, no rattling or anything!
    I was away all wekend so i just took her for a 10 mile drive to see if these "problems" would happen again, but nothing?!?!

    My guess is the oil pump being faulty??? or some sensor maybe?? i havent a clue??? Scared to take it for a long drive just incase the engine blows or something?!?! lol

    All this happened on my audi a3 1.8t aum btw :)
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  3. S3 TAM

    S3 TAM Pocket now empty

    This happened to me about 3-4 weeks back. turn out my oil strainer and oil pick up was blocked. "in sump".
    so i got oil pump changed at the the same time. got the car back drove about 4 miles then the Turbo blew, turned out no oil got to my turbo when it was blocked and damaged it. i only drove 2 miles when my light came on then i got really bad noise from the engine stopped car straight away and got recovered.

    DON'T DRIVE YOUR CAR. Get it towed to a garage my total bill came to £2700 just for a blocked pipe. I also had to change intercoolers, "power steering pump and alternator" "they just happened to go at the same time just bad luck."

    Hopefully it's not to late for you mate.
  4. Imteyaz

    Imteyaz 6th Gear

  5. DionBullock

    DionBullock Dion

    Thanks for that!! I stupiddly drove tha car today thinking it was just a one off!!! doh!! so i wont be using her until i get the sump and pick up sorted!!! just hope i havent ****** up the turbo or anything now....

    will keep ya posted!!

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