Audi tracker? Is it accurate?


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I have ordered an A4 Avant 190 Stronic with Technology Pack, Virtual Cockpit, Alcantara/Leather and Heated seats.

I have just logged onto the Audi Tracker and its now showing as an A4 Ultra-I did not order the Ultra as the top end speed is reduced.

Secondly the build week is scheduled for May 29th-will this be a MY18 car?

Thanks for any input.


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I don't know about the build MY17/18 but I'd take the tracker with a slight pinch of salt as it changes day to day sometimes. For a few days it was showing my car as an A4 instead of an S4...

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My s4 was showing as an ultra for a while too and has recently just went back to a s4.
I'm 29th may also and the tracker showing my18 when converting the page