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Audi to Mercedes or Mercedes to Audi.

RS3 S. Jul 9, 2019

  1. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member

    Has anyone done the above please? & if so thoughts?. Friend is thinking about going to a Merc C43 AMG estate brand new, from an 2017 S5 coupe. Merc is looking very nice from the pictures he has shown me just don't know if i could do the same?.
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  3. Ron240

    Ron240 Breaking the stereotype Gold Supporter

    The C43 twin turbo is an impressive machine, but for me it would need to be the Coupe. It has almost 40bhp more than a 2017 S5 but will probably be no faster on the road.
    The interior of the C43 is without a doubt a much nicer place to sit, and overall a step up from a 2017 S5.
    I would love to be in a position to choose. :D
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  4. Rich76

    Rich76 Well-Known Member

    Tell him to go do a day at Mercedes Benz world!
    Try the cars out and get to drive them properly even with a Mercedes employee next to you !

    My biggest work regret is that I couldn’t relocate when they offered my an instructors job there !
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  5. Dan_G

    Dan_G Well-Known Member

    Am thinking AMG 45 something next time around.

    The fact that Audi has removed petrol from the S range that i am interested in (the fast estates and SUV bracket) means i can no longer look at Audi. RS models are too expensive, both to buy and run, to justify.

    Macan's are looking good too.
  6. tcardio

    tcardio Well-Known Member

    it depends on whether your friend is a avant type for life or not. I am so coupes will never interest me. If I had a choice then the RS6 avant is my choice but yes it is hard on the wallet. I am also an audi for life guy so mercs have never tickled my fancy. just not my image and i dont like the styling but to each their own. funny enough but a few have ordered audis from US and then shipped back to uk for the petrol
  7. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I'll have the S5 if he doesn't want it :icon thumright: try to stand brand agnostic personally and just choose what looks good and works well. C45 AMG and S5 both seem equally awesome to me and I'd probably have the Merc just for a change of scenery but each to their own, long as he likes it.
  8. PaulWhitt82

    PaulWhitt82 Active Member

    both great cars - i find merc date so quickly in terms of their design

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