Audi Specialists in central scotland


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Jan 16, 2014
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Hi, my car will be needing a service next month and I am just wondering if anyone has took there car to a specialist.. I've seen and read some views on google about a4audi in Clydebank.. Has anyone used them before?

They (A4Audi) done a celtic tuning stage 1 on my old 2013 car merc c class w204 and it developed an intermittent fuel cut hesitation which was very annoying and hard to find but was map related after going to a lot of expense trying to get rid of the problem by eliminating a lot of sensors and getting egr and dpf removed cleaned ( really nasty job) ! anyway they did not honour the claimed warranty wanted me to book it in for diagnosis and testing when i asked for it to be just reverted back to standard for free well within the warranty period and only done 800 miles since the map- sorry ive not got a blank cheque book for them to chase a so called ghost fault. conclusion id never go there again i got map over written by another local mobile tuner that came highly recommended that writes his own maps not just a licensed download. anyway he said the boost was too high under full load causing boost cut and due to my car being the manual version and not the auto i was just on the spectrum of experiencing this load spike causing the elusive fault.
He adjusted accordingly and never had any problems after that.

Ive even found glasgow audi cheaper for some major service jobs and mot when they have an offer on, no joke