Audi s3 2007 Erratic idle issue


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Hello Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this incredibly annoying issue...

Basically, I've had the car for nearly 3 months.
Recently its developed an idling issue. It revs to nearly 2500rpm at a standstill. Ive read up on here that a few people have had similar issues.

The car came with 3 months Warranty (AUTOGUARD) and i have recently discovered that its not worth the paper its written on.

If someone can point me in the right direction and maybe advise as to where the suspect part may be. That would be great! Im working flat out atm and have no time to get it into the garage.



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Pcv valve mate, its located near the throttle body ontop of the engine. Regulates air flow and basically the springs get warn and doesnt have enough resistance to open and close. Call your local TPS and get the newest version, i think i paid about £35


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I had this but it wasn't moving around to quite the same degree. I fitted a PCV delete but this didn't solve it so I fitted a GFB DV+ and this did solve it so it could be worth doing the same or fitting the latest rev standard item

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