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Audi connect

G10AYR Feb 22, 2018

  1. G10AYR

    G10AYR New Member Audi S5

    Hi guys,
    I pick up my new S5 on the 1st and the garage has just phoned and asked me to make them my preferred service partner so they can have access to my car through Audi Connect.

    What does that actually mean? What do they have access to? I don't really want anyone having access to my car.

    Sorry if I'm way off the mark or if I've just misunderstood him but just seems strange that they can access my car and pull details from it any time they want.

    Anyone got any info on this?

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  3. 007dan91

    007dan91 Member

    From what I've been told they can see the cars oil level, mileage, oil change due date and inspection due date. From that data they will call you close to when the car states its due for an inspection. when you get the car download the MMI Connect app. It shows the cars health and status at any time. useful app for me anyway.

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