Audi A6, C5, Sport 1.9TDI, Performance Intercooler?


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Mar 2, 2015
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I have a plan to put a Performance a (proper) Intercooler when my Audi will get Cambelt replacement done very soon, coz front bumper will has to come off anyway... Thinking to get Intercooler from
Price for a full kit was attractive - 160£ with delivery...
Anybody has done this on own Audi before?
Looks like Intercooler will be small size just under bumper mounting, 2 - 45 degree silicone hoses, 2 - aluminium pipes, 4 clamps, and small intercooler up to 300bhp.
And I was recommended by that company to connect upgrade intercooler to the old (original Intercooler) together, it was strange that to me, but I been told that way i will not need another aluminium pipe with a air flow sensor mounting, and will need less silicone pipes this way, and with 2 intercoolers will be even better performance...
Anybody who has been done this job at A6, C5, would be great to hear from u...
Thanks for your answer Ben jah min. 160 that's everything, intercooler+silicone hoses+2 aluminium pipes+all clamps+and delivery charges...
Have u got 1.9TDI Sport, or standart engine? And how many bhp and torque have u gained after remap, is it was stage 1 or 2 remap?
And intresting about mpg after remap? use more diesel or less? Now if I driving steady I can get easy, even in town 55+mpg. Its 1.9 TDI, 6 speed, 130bhp, and I think 310nm.???
I been told by people this sport model will remap safely to 160+185 bhp, but I am thinking will effect fuel consumption? I might only will get like 40mpg???
But I am really up for it for a "proper intercooler" install, coz in diesel its all about cold air, and more juice... :)
Not to big intercooler, just right size under the bumper mounting, where good air flow available, even by original bumper... And that way, u don't have to remove fog lights, that's a bonus. If u want more air flow u could remove a front plastic grill, but I don't think its really needed...
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