Audi A6 AllRoad 3.0 TDI 2007 Newbie - Looking for input on remap and wheels, liquid wrap well lots

Stewart Townsend

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Im about to purchase 2007 3.0 TDI Allroad A6 Manual, which has some rust at the bottom of the drivers door that needs sorting and has 190k on the clock, manual with sat nav looks good.

So Im not a lover of the colour and have looked at liquid wraps - thoughts ? Anyone else had this done ?
Wheels - What looks best on this ? Id like something more sporty.
Interior - S line interior seems to be reasonable to buy, will it fit ? RS6 interior seems wow... to much lol.
Remap - Hyper chips quoted a price to do this, around 250 quid but also my friend said to remove the DPF and then have EGR/DPF removed at remap - anyone else had this done ?

What does the solar thing on the sunroof do ?

Thoughts on mods to make it look more aggressive, sporty and slick. Ive seen some videos showing how to reset some of the internals so the dials spin back round to zero and the startup screen you can change to RS6 etc.

Looking forward to picking it up and making it look less like a motorway car which I believe it was with the cloth interior.



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2007 may not have a dpf and buy a plate and blank off the egr at the throttle body end. remaps make a huge difference in power and doing the egr blank as well will give you a few more mpg.


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Plastic coat is OK but not a permanent solution, and I think after a year it will start to look scruffy. The cost also appears to be high at around £400-£600 and with the size of the A6 I bet your looking at more towards the £600.

Interior is all the same fitment across the A6/S6/RS6 range. But parts from S/RS come at a high price. What are you looking for seats etc?

Solar sunroof run the interior fan to try and keep the car cool.

The DIS on that year of car is not capable of needle sweep, and you cannot get the RS6 logo in the DIS screen.

You can get it on the main MMI screen but kind of pointless as the car is not an RS6.

You could look to facelift the car (new front & rear bumpers) LED DRL headlights etc, but again it's not cheap and the bumpers & lights are always in demand.

Stewart Townsend

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yep so after leather seats as have fabric ones at present, the alternative is to take them out and see about recover or something but again that could be expensive.

Got a quote on plastic dip - 1300 / Wrap - 1300 so thats out the question. Im going to get some bodywork done and updated, wheels refurb and alter the colour.

Ideally want to give it a bit more presence than the blue, unfortunately Ive committed to buy and then what pops up today is a black one with leather interior but auto !!! grrr.

I do require a rear parcel shelf for it, reached out to scrappers and eBay to source on that.

Stewart Townsend

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Oops - going to get it remapped at BHP UK and also wondering on the interior my seats are all electric, back and forward, lumber, up and down etc I assume Ill need to source leather set either normal or Sline that have same motors and controls ?

Just been to see S line set from Audi A6 that have manual controls, having never swopped interior before I know sounds a daft question but would they fit or are there some gotchas on swopping interiors.


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You will need the full electric leather seats, and they are all the same motors.

You need seats from a C6, no interior parts from a C5 will fit the C6