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Hi All - New to this forum so take it easy... any help advise will be great....

I recently bought a used Audi A4 2011 Technik, it came with all the gadgets including Nav, however it did not have the DVD or SD with the media. I have located 2014 Version which is 2G MMI and burnt to DVD. After insert the DVD into the drive and select Nav button nothing happens. I get the usual message i had when no dvd was inserted - (Please insert navigation data medium). Since that ISO was a burst i downloaded another one - MMI 3G basic Europe 2015 DVD version however it is 10GB.

After speaking to Audi(local Garage) they confirmed my model using the reg and said its fitted with Sat Nav all i need is the disk which is available for a price of 189pounds. I have burned 2 disk( 1 - 2014 Version which is 2G 2014 Version and 2 - 2015 Version 3G version).

Question the MMI 3G basic Europe 2015 DVD version has 2 iso (disk 1 and 2) I believe UK Maps is in Disk 1 - and its 7GB - I had to burn it and overwrite it using ImgBurn so not sure if i did it correctly as it could not fit the DVD-r 4.7GB.

The 2014 Version which is 2G MMI is the one that burnt properly and the screenshot is shown below. I have 1 more DVD-r to waste and wondering if I should attempt to burn the MMI 3G version again but unsure how to get it to fit one disk.

Guess my question is what am i meant to expect when i insert the DVD and press Nav. I even copied a MMI 3G basic Europe 2015 DVD activator onto an SD card and nothing automated appears. When i click on Nav i get the same message. Please see screenshots of all i have done.


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