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Hello All,

We are extremely pleased to announce that, along with APR, we have made a HUGE reduction in the prices for our 1.8T and 2.0T remaps!!

Previously a single program remap on your 1.8T would come in at £440.63 inc VAT, this has now been slashed to a rediculously cheap price of £299 inc VAT!!! If you have cruise control, then you can take advantage of the fully loaded switchable ECU options for £350 all in!!

For all of you out there with a 2.0T (both TFSI and TSI), you would previously have had to pay £586.33 inc VAT for your map. This has now been dropped to only £399 all in!! A fully loaded switchable option is also available at only £450 inc VAT!

The APR maps give a smooth, factory like power delivery, with a great increase in the power and torque where you really need it, while still retaining all the factory safety features and hardware protection of the ECU. Also, the switchable program options (controlled through a cruise control stalk) are unique to APR and offer a level of software flexibility like no other tuning company out there.

So just a recap for everyone....

1.8T Remap was £440.63 inc VAT
Single Program NOW £299!!
Fully loaded NOW £350!!

2.0T Remap was £586.33 inc VAT
Single Program NOW £399!!
Fully Loaded NOW £450!!

Please feel free to contact any one of us on the sales team for any more information on the APR maps, or to arrange getting your car in and taking advantage of this MEGA OFFER!