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Approved Used Audi - now discovered botched accident repair

tickedon May 16, 2019

  1. tickedon

    tickedon Member Team Moonlight TDi Audi A4 S tronic S-line owners group


    In December 2017 I purchased a nearly-new approved used Audi A4 (17 plate, March 2017) from a main dealer (not local to me). I had originally placed a deposit on a different vehicle but they'd somehow sold it twice, so they sourced a different car (slightly lower spec to what I'd wanted) and we completed the sale. The car was 9 months old and had 14k miles on the clock, and they carried out an inspection service prior to handover. It is on PCP with Audi Finance (VWFS).

    In the last 18 months, the only thing that's gone wrong was the drivers side window sometimes wouldn't lower (it got stuck closed). I took it in to my local dealership who took apart the door, put it back together after applying new seals/lubricant, and that seemed to solve the issue (done under warranty). My local dealer have also carried out two major inspection services at 33k and 42k miles, plus an S Tronic gearbox oil change, so have had the car on 4 separate occasions in last 18 months.

    About 3 weeks ago I started getting two errors, sporadically, on my DIS - one saying "Brake servo: restricted. You can continue driving. Please contact workshop" and "Start/stop system: fault. Function unavailable. Please contact workshop" (I'm told this second message is caused by the first - the stop/start system doesn't work if any other issues are detected).

    My local dealer failed to diagnose the issue as part of the service last Friday, but it was booked in yesterday and today for them to have a proper look at. I've just taken a call this morning - they believe the car was in an accident and repaired (news to me!), and also repaired badly. From their visual inspection so far, they've discovered that there is non-oem wiring on the underside of the bonnet (as it's white, rather than whatever colour it should be), the air intake filter wasn't/isn't fitted right, and the coolant location bung is missing. There was also a suggestion some panels had been replaced (but not clear). The implication being my current brake system fault is possibly related to this botched accident repair... (there is no CAT marker on the car).

    My local dealership is part of a different group, so they've asked for the details of the original supplying dealer and salesperson, which I've provided.

    Anyone any thoughts or experience what might happen now? Had I known of the accident repair, which has been suggested to me must have been fairly extensive, I probably wouldn't have purchased the vehicle. It is obviously 18 months (and nearly 30k miles) after I purchased, but potentially I'm looking at having to fork out for a repair that should have been covered by Audi's warranty if they decide it's due to the previous accident (before my ownership).

    Any advice or thoughts welcome - particularly on whether the issues the dealership have noticed with the air intake filter being incorrectly fitted, missing coolant bung etc. are things they should have noticed on one of the previous occasions the car was in with them, or indeed if the supplying dealer should have on their initial inspection service (I really have no idea how obvious these things would be, but, I was told it was picked up on the visual inspection by their tech).
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  3. tickedon

    tickedon Member Team Moonlight TDi Audi A4 S tronic S-line owners group

    Just to add, looking back at my old emails, I have an email from the supplying dealer confirming the car hadn't been in any accidents (I'd asked): "The car hasn’t been involved in any accidents we wouldn’t be able to sell a car that has and you will also receive a HPI check to confirm this. "
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  4. QuattroCalum

    QuattroCalum Well-Known Member Saloon saloon Audi A4 Black Edition Manual

    The ball is in your court, they have supplied a car that by the own admission they shouldn't have. You have written proof of this on the email.

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  5. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I wonder if there is any mileage on you now buying a full "car history" from the guy that was posting on here about being able to supply that. What I mean is, there is a possibility that that car was in a crash and sold damaged at a specialist auction, then bought from that salvageable car auction by an Audi main dealer and repaired, that way it seems HPI does not flag up any "naughty" history - this has been done in the past by main dealers. Now if you did buy that history package and nothing relevant was in it then you have done as much as you can, if it does bring up some history then you are home and dry.
    Always remember that a smart dealer might think that anything is possible after 18 months in your ownership, so they would claim that it must have happened after you bought it - and maybe they knew nothing about this history when selling it, but that would be their problem as they should be checking cars that they sell on.

    Edit:- https://www.salvagehistory.co.uk/
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  6. tickedon

    tickedon Member Team Moonlight TDi Audi A4 S tronic S-line owners group

    Thanks for the link, sadly nothing for my vehicle.

    I know from the V5 the car was previously owned by a rental company. After jumping through various departments they've been helpful and confirmed while in their care the windscreen was definitely replaced, but nothing else on their system (I was told this wasn't 100% accurate) . It also doesn't eliminate someone having an accident and getting it repaired while in their care, avoiding whatever crazy fees would have been added.

    I also learned the car was bought back by Audi. The timings suggest it was bought back several weeks before it was sold to me. For these buy backs, does anyone know if Audi would do any work on them? Or do Audi have a central database of body shop work if it was arranged through them?

    My supplying dealer are, unsurprisingly, denying any and all knowledge.
  7. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Well, when I was getting my S4 tidied up after I touched a "road works" sign while trying to make life a bit easier for a panicking BMW X5 driver on that curious road over to Applecross - I was asked by my "used to be" Audi approved bodyshop if I wanted them to register that repair with Audi, I just said yes. Now, if Audi had had to perform some heavy surgery on a car that they had bought back, do you really think that they would be honest enough to log having done that work, I'd doubt it, but if you don't ask you will not find out. By the way, that bodyshop I used only lost their Audi approval due to them not yet being able to perform all repair work on aluminium bodies, they still held BMW and M-B approval.

    Edit:- one thing, "buy backs" are they not an action of last resort - so why had it become the subject of a buy back?
  8. L_G

    L_G Active Member Sportback Team Daytona Team V6 Audi S5

    Just checked my other half's car - nothing comes up which seems odd because as far as I know it is a Cat N write off.
  9. Retroman

    Retroman Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)

    Firstly, the notion that dealers do some sort of thorough "100 point check" on cars they sell is nonsense - they don't. To me you have the right to get your money back. I helped my son get a total refund on a (as new) 2nd hand Audi TT sold to him by the local Audi main dealer. It had many faults and items promised in writing that could be retro-fitted (e.g. cruise control) could not.
  10. Jcbmally

    Jcbmally Started with nothing & still have most of it left. Sportback Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro S tronic

    I would say you will have a big fight on your hands. They will state the car was ok when sold to you and will also suggest the accident damage has happened within your 18monts of ownership. Your biggest hurdle is proving it was like that when you bought it.
    A started for 10 is to get all the details of where Audi bought the car and go from there. If you dig long and hard enough you may get compelling evidence. VW finance own the car so speak to them and the Motor Ombudsman. Hope you get sorted mate.
  11. AndyT306

    AndyT306 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi A6 Black Edition S tronic S-line owners group DSG

    worst case end your PCP and let them have it back

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