Anyone know of 18" wheels that clear the front calipers?


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I'm looking at getting a set of 18" wheels for the winter as they're much cheaper for winter tyres.

An after market set came up on the for sale board but I'm wondering if there's any other options people can recommend from experience?

Anyone running 18's for the winter at all?



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Go see: Forums/The Trading Post/Classifieds/For Sale/Wanted/Audi Parts: Klauster has: RS3/S3 8P 18-inch x 8J x ET42 Winter alloys.

Klauster 18-inch.jpg
So close to your RS3 pick-up you may be able to collect...

Review also: RS3 thread: Winter tyres NOW on (Nov 2012) post #7, 13, 14, 18...
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I have Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys which I used to have as my main alloys on my TTS but which are now my winter wheels for my RS3.

The TT-RS comes with 18in wheels as standard (and the same brakes) so getting 18in wheels tends to be fairly straight forward.


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Audi standard winter rims for the RS3 are 18", they come in the Rotor design same as the default 19" rims, only difference is both front and rear are same width unlike the 19" where there was an option for wider profile front tyres.