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anyone got a decent 2.5 tdi 6sp dual mass for sale?

avants2turbo Dec 17, 2017

  1. avants2turbo

    avants2turbo New Member

    as above

    its for a 1998 b5 quattro 2.5 AFB

    had a new clutch a couple of thousand miles away, not in first gear pulling away ive got a nasty judder, seems to be getting worse, its ok pulling away in 2nd

    pretty sure it has to be the dual mass, so looking for one in good shape, cheap as possible, it is christmas after all....

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  3. Drax210

    Drax210 New Member

    Need one myself.. clutch is right at the top so i'll just be buying a full kit, need to find an uprated clutch to handle the larger turbo i intend to stick on it.

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