Any rolling road days in Kent area happening soon or if we get a group together.....


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Just wondering if anyone fancies doing a dyno/power run day in the Kent area?
Im sure if get a group together would be able to get some good discounts from a tuner with a rolling road ie over AMD at Lakeside etc.
What do you reckon?


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It's an idea I've thought off for early next year actually.

I think it's a bit to close to the end of the year and the crappy weather season to set something set up this side tbh.

AMD Essex are site sponsors- so I'm sure some sort of deal/discount can be agreed for an ASN RR day.

It's usually around £35 IIRC and they sometimes put on a BBQ with enough people and some nice weather.



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Any updates on this?

Not from me- but I will definitely be up for sorting something out around Spring/Summer time for sure.

Will have to try and fit something in around the BTCC and the major car show dates as I know a few of my VAG mates around my area are very keen for a few RR runs