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hi guys..
3 days now and i have my A3 8v 1.6 tdi sportback ambition.
yesterday i've noticed that there is no antenna on the back roof between the roof rails as the other A3 has
which i see on the road or on the internet pics

does anybody knows why is there is no antenna on the roof ?
i have no navigation with the MMI


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From the pics it appears you're not in the UK. I can only assume that the standard spec in your country doesn't include preparation for sat nav.


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What country? Does one need the connectivity package?


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As far as I know all uk cars have nav prep as standard so you can just buy the sd card later. Must be different in other countries


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I don't think its standard in e.g Sweden, at least need to have speced what is called "connectivity pack". On the other hand, electric adjustable heated rear mirror, heated seats and electric heat at start up, is standard, for obvious reasons.


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thanks for the answers guys..i.m from Athens Greece maybe my country does not support the antenna.
the sat nav or connectivity pagage it's not a stadard here but it is an expensive extra for the A3


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The 'shark fin' aerial on the roof contains the antennas for the GPS (nav), Phone/GSM and the auxilliary heating remote, so I guess if you have none of those options then they wouldn't fit the aerial. The exception being the UK of course (and other countries possibly) where the nav hardware is always installed, but not the software.


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Am from cyprus, living in London :)

My brother in-law lives in Lamia Greece. in 2009 we both bought an A3 on the same day without knowing. Speaking with him that night I was surprised to here that a lot of what seems standard here in the UK is different in Greece, e.g. he bought an A3 1.8TFSI Quattro Ambition pack. When I spoke to my dealer here, m25 Audi, they did not know what this was. Seemed like a cut down Sport edition to be honest but when I checked against the UK spec is was more like an SE. It did not have any leather, bluetooth, MFSW or even an alarm! Only engine immobiliser and central locking. Most options are very costly extra's and they bump the TAX up a fair bit.

Audi does support GPS in Greece and there are maps, they are however very basic with only places like Athens, Lamia, Kavala, Larissa etc in any detail.