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AMI with spotify

Lavan Oct 9, 2019

  1. Lavan

    Lavan Registered User


    I have used the search function but still can not get this to work!

    I have a A3 Saloon S-Line 2014 with Nav pack.

    I can play music via Bluetooth with no issues.

    I want to play my Spotify through the AMI lightning cable (I have the official Audi yellow grommet cable). However when I connect it, I can see my phone connected but greyed out. When I click it, it says “there are no playable files.” I have also tried this with Bluetooth Audio switched off.

    How can I get this to work?
  2. Avatar


  3. Lavan

    Lavan Registered User

    Seems the only way I could get it to work is to download a song using Apple Music so the MMI recognised the phone to have songs, then play Spotify!

    Not ideal but gets it working I suppose.
  4. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    The way most iPod/iPhone interfaces works is it looks for a specific file structure or file location on the device.
    Apple Music/iTunes always store in the same place so the mmi can find it and play them.
    Spotify doesn’t use the same locations in the file structure therefore the mmi is never gonna find the songs.
    Being able to play Spotify is temporary as when you get to end of album or playlist it will look back into the iTunes folder for the next song. You also don’t have any of the functionality of searching for albums, artists etc.

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