AMI on a B7


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Just buy the correct ami cable for your unit/car & test as you're just ******* in the wind atm with incorrect parts.

Depends on the app, but if you're referring to speed camera app, then yes I've seen an app work inconjunction with music playing, but this is all down to setup within the app & music I guess, something you'll have to test yourself.
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Yes Iphone with USB will NOT work.

MAC formatted devices do NOT work.

FAT 32 is perfect for the AMI

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I made several tests:
Already contrary to what I said above the "incompatibility" message appears only when you connect a device.
Test with the USB connector and connected my iPhone 4S via its USB cable. Result: Incompatibility. Normal?
Test with a USB key: first result incompatibility.
I started to believe that the AMI unit was a faulty parts.
While I had everything disassembled I have an idea. I work on Mac ; is the USB stick that I used is fat format?
Not. So I redid the test after formatting.
And everything works.
So S8craig was right, i have a problem with my iphone connector who is not the good reference.
I have two questions anyway.
it is normal that the iphone connected via the USB cable is not functional?
With the 4F0051510K cable (with blue edging) when the iphone is running, is it possible to have in the car speakers music and sounds of an application running in the background?
In any case thank you very much for your help.


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So I now have the AMI retrofit done in my A4 B6 along with the Tune2Air WMA3000A. When I turn off the car the Tune2Air WMA3000A remains powered up because I tapped the non-switched +12V going to the RNS-E (Terminal KL.30). The question I have for all the other retrofitters is whether you used a switched +12V or not?