Allroad 2.5tdi AKE Manual - What is the best remap?


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Allroad 2.5tdi AKE Manual - What is the best remap?

I have been researching a remap or tuning box for my allroad for a few months now and am still unsure what to do. Is a plug and play tuning box the best way to go, or are there recommended remapping companies? I live in the Scottish Highlands so the choice of places near me is limited, but there are a number of places offer a mobile remapping service.

Is one map just as good as another? Most places seem to charge around 300 pounds for a 'live' map where they install the map while you wait and run tests and test drive etc, while other companies who offer postal services are considerably less at nearer 100 pounds.

Some people claim 210bhp, some 220bhp and others as much as 235bhp....
Can you see why I am confused?

So, please let me know your experiences and advice, thanks.

For info my car is standard apart from a pipercross air filter and I have gutted the main CAT and the DPFs. I am just aiming to get a decent improvement in power without adversely affecting the fuel economy.