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Hi I'm wondering if a 19 x 8.5 ET32 wheel will fit my b8.5 I have 19 x 8.5 ET35 with 255 35 19 t yres at the moment
[/URL][/IMG]this will give me 3mm of poke outwards just wondering if they will stick out to much
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Is it lowered? If so as far as I've read on other forums the et32 at the back should be fine but the front will be tight


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No not lowered yet but will be next year on coilovers ,not to low may have to get it on the hunter and get some neg camber tied in don't want to stretch tyres on conti 6s at the moment so tyre has a slight rolled edge ill just have to work round it some how thanks bud all info much appreciated :yes:


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I'd say they will probably catch under full compression.

I've got 10mm spacers on the rear of my 8.5 with standard 19x8.5 et43 255/35/19, so effectively et33. I'm lowered on H&R springs so not silly low and it catches a lot on the rear. I think it's only the liners and not the actual arches. I've also got as much camber as possible on the rear.

Different brands of tyres in the same sizes can run differently dependent on the shape of the shoulder so it's a bit of a trial and error situation.

I don't want to take my spacers off because it looks so much better so I'm considering going down to 245/35 pss and I'd say it will cure it


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Thanks Ryan for the heads up, I'm not going to slam it down just a sensible setting worst case may have to get 2mm machined of the alloy