Akrapovic Exhaust Audi S4 B9


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Hi guys,

Had an S3 a few years ago and after having had a few sensible family cars am moving back to my Audi S models...

I am due to pick up an Audi S4 in the next few days and have noticed that it has had the exhaust upgraded to an Akrapovic... I dont really know much about this kind of thing being done to a car so hoping you guys might be able to help.

As far as i know Akrapovic dont do an Exhaust system for the S4 B9 so am slightly confused....

I have been told by the dealer that:
"It replaces the back boxes and this system is the straight through system with back box delete"

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... i do have photos but only of the tips.



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As you say Akraprovic don't make an exhaust for the s4, so my guess is its a custom exhaust with some replica Akraprovic tips welded on as Akraprovic also don't sell just the tips


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Is it from a Audi main dealer? If so I’m surprised they are selling a car that’s been altered. Have you driven the car yet? If its a straight through exhaust that most likely means non-resonated and they can be quite droney.

Most likely scenario is someone’s cut the tips off the original exhaust and welded some on, I’ve seen that as a common mod on the fb forums :tearsofjoy:

Easiest way of telling is getting under the car and having a quick look.


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It’s not from main dealer no...
I haven’t due to current COVID restrictions but have agreement that I can test drive before I fully commit to the purchase tomorrow...

I’ll get a lot more info tomorrow... they have told me that the standard exhaust will come with it if I want to switch it back so guess I will see what it’s like.

Thanks for your thoughts though much appreciated!

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