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Oct 5, 2009
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sorry this so long winded. so my aircon has not worked from the time a got my car just over 2 years ago i was told it just needed a re gas so took it to a place to have this done. but when i got back the guy told me a list of things that maybe wrong with it witch lead me to think he had done some thing to it to stop it from working more so as he said he needed to replace each part one by one to find out what it was. one part he wanted to charge me over 200 to fit was the sensor in the rad witch cost 30 pounds ish as i found out any how i did not have it done and have just lived with out it till now ;-) today i was just filddling around with some thing near the battery and there are aircon pips there now all though my aircon is not working i can now hear a slit buzzing from the compeser witch i never could befor. so my ? is can any one give me any etka info ie print outs of all the aircon switches/sensors and where they are so i can have a good look before i have some one look at it again