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Advice needed - remove scuffs on plastic

BKing Aug 13, 2020

  1. BKing

    BKing Registered User

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a way to remove some light scratches from the glove box of my lad's car.
    They don't look too deep so hoping there is something out there that will sort it.
    Caused by a so called mate of his putting his feet up on the trim.

    Thanks in advance! 20200813_200216.jpg 20200813_200216.jpg 20200813_200232.jpg
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  3. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User

    I have one on my armrest in the polo, a bit deeper than your ones but very thin, It catches my eye all the time. There is no way of getting rid of it and probably will make it look even worse if you try. Yours dont look as deep as my armrest one. Try giving it a good clean with a strong APC solution and then use a dressing on top like mentioned, it wont get rid of them, but I reckon it will do a good job on yours to atleast make it look better. Nothing to lose is there ?
  4. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Registered User

    As above nothing you can do due to the textured surface plastic.
  5. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    If it’s a light scratch on hard plastics you could try a heat gun or hair dryer. It will soften the plastic but mainly get the oils or something out the plastic so it’s less noticeable as the colour evens out. After that a dressing like carpro Perl which is my go to dressing for pretty much everything.
    I’ve tried this years ago on an old car with a scuffed faded bumper and it worked quite well.
    Disclaimer: not my fault if you set your car on fire or damage it :wink:
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