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Active Valve Controller by Cete Automotive (

I know not everyone views the forum as recent posts or searches the classifieds but I included this in my for sale post for MY16 (Pre- facelift) cars.

If anyone purchased the AVC for their Pre-facelift RS3 8V and are looking to move on to the facelift (or future MY19/20 RS3), then you will find that the controller is not fully compatible!! It will only operate the exhaust valves with a double tap of the ESP button - those with this controller will know what I'm talking about - and not when you change Drive Select mode.

This is due to the change in which Audi control the valves and the controller module will need to be software updated, this is easily done via USB by the people, and more precisely the person I dealt with Ferdi Cete. This does not need to be sent away, but done in your own living room.
They do charge a small fee for updating the software, but in comparison to a 400+ euro item becoming semi-redundant, well worth it imo to get it 100% compatible.

The controller module has a mini USB port under a cover, opposite side to the wiring for the module/loom and using remote software, this can be updated within a few minutes;

contact details for Ferdi:

Hope this helps.