abs light and esp light keeps coming on help please


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hello i got a a3 tdi sport x reg my abs and esp light keeps coming on and staying on anyone know what could cause this thanx mark


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there are a few sensors lateral, longitudinal ,yaw sensors,abs sensors or rings themselves so its best to have it plugged in and scanned for the fault code mate.


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ABS light as well as ESP light can mean the ABS module has failed like whats happened to me, At least £350 to get it rebuilt or over 1k for a new unit if it is the ABS module, Get it scanned to find out ASAP.


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My S3 started doing this about 2 months ago. By checking with vag-com, it turned out to be a dicky ABS sensor. ~£15 from your local motor factors, easy to fit the new one, but getting the old one out can be a bitch. I ended up having to use a hammer and chisel on mine!!!