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Nov 12, 2018
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West Yorkshire
Guys, my car is showing a spoiler fault (2018 4K8), I've made contact with Audi to see if it will be covered by my extended warranty cover. But I'm thinking of trying to fix myself in case it's not covered. I think the control module has failed. Can anyone point me to where I can find this in the car and any pointers what the relevant part number is please?

Thanks in advance.
Get the car scanned to see if any errors exist that can help in the diagnosis of the issue, otherwise you might go pulling the vehicle apart for no reason etc. If you don’t have a diagnostic tool then check our the forum VCDS users map to see if someone close by can assist.
Thanks for the prompt response, I hooked it to an OBDEleven device and got the attached error.


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Did this get sorted by yourself or Audi as mine has come up with same fault I think
Twice now but clears again when car is switched back off and on
Working now but it’s just about to turn 3 years old and going in for mot and service brake fluid change etc etc
Worth asking just before the 3 year warranty runs out in 3 days time you think

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Spoiler fault diagnosed as it stopped working completely
Motor failure
Managed to get it done under warranty with 1 day of the 3 years left
Just waiting on the parts to be delivered

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