A7 biTDI vs s-tronic?


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Thinking of upgrading from my A3 to an A7 because legroom. Being 6'8 and with a lot of future travel planned (getting back into photography) I really need comfort.

For my budget, ~20k, I can either get something like an a7 bitdi black edition with 60k, or an a7 3.0 tdi black edition with 40k miles. From experience the less mileage generally the more comfortable of course this could be different with an a7. Do they have air suspension?

The thing is do you really need a pair of turbos? And is tiptronic better than s-tronic? I went from my a3 1.8tFSI s-tronic to an e46 330ci which had tiptronic, that gearbox was terrible in comparison to the s-tronic but it had done 4x the mileage. But it kinda put me off...

I also heard the exhaust sounds better with the single turbos than the twin turbos? Exhaust sound is a thing for me I guess.

I am also considering an SQ5 but they are more expensive.

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I'm thinking of selling my Grey 3.0 tdi, 272bhp, Black Edition. 58k on clock, 21 alloys, HUD, parks it's self too. Message me for further info. I'm based near Cambridge.


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If you want exhaust sound buy the BiTdi as they have the active exhaust as standard.

I have the S Tronic A7 with 245bhp, now mapped to 310bhp, and it feels quick enough for me and my long term average is about 37mpg mixed driving.

I have Retro fitted the Active exhaust setup to mine and added the kufatec sound modules and it sounds amazing.

I 1st tryed the back box delete and added straight pipes, but it didn't sound much different. Where as the active exhaust setup with the kufatec modules sounds Amazing and has 6 different sound settings and cold start option


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Just to add that air suspension is an option on the A7 and very rarely fitted. I specified it when I ordered my 272 black edition in 2016 as I much preferred the (adjustable) ride of the air suspension equipped A8 to any steel sprung A7 I’d test driven - all a matter of personal preference though and I only found one used air equipped A7 at the time so decided to go for a new one.

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