A6 Towbar Fitting?


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I'm looking to fit a removable westfalia towbar to my 07 SLine Quattro A6. The cheapest I've found the towbar with the car specific electrics is £358. Based on this the quote for supply and fit I have had from a local supplier works out at an addtional £300 for the fitting which I think is a bit too steep for a couple of hours work especially when that doesn't include to codeing required.

Has anyone fitted on themselves? How much hassle was it and how easy was it to do the bumper cut without ruining the bumper?



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it is not rocket science and you are getting fleeced for that.

I have the exact same bar fitted to my A4 for £300 all in.
the electrics are the tricky bit but then I dont like electrics.

the physical aspect is easy.
pop bumper, two bolts for chassis rail bumper tubes.
the westfalia frame slides in like the old bumper rails and the bumper bolts to the frame instead.
the cut out is a small scallop that you can do once the bar and bumper is refitted, start small and just trim away until both bar and sockets clear the lip

all the electrics seem to be spliced into the rear lights, i have a "duplicater" beep box under the dash which tells you the trailer lights are working when you indicate, not sure how that gets spliced in though


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I took the easy option in the end and got a local garage to fit it as I wasnt going to have time to fit it before going on holiday this weekend which was when it was needed for.

I talked through the coding with him but he managed to work it out anyway, all for the princely sum of £140 which was the cost of 3.5 hours labour.