A6 (c8) Battery location


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Hi Guys,

This is my first thread so hello everybody!

I have a audi a6 (c8) black edition 45 tfsi with the tech pack, comfort & sound pack.

However for my taste the bass is slacking. For some it will be more than enough.

I am currently trying to do a Sub & Amp install but Im having difficulties finding the 2nd battery (if there is one)

Ive located the 12v battery in the engine bay which leads to a connection point.

However there is a 0 gauge power cable going through the firewall which leads me to believe there is a second battery.

Can please someone explain the battery system in the a6. I’m not sure if i can power the amp with the 12v in the front, i believe it is for the mild hybrid system.

Also, where is the 2nd battery?

Thanks guys


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