A6 C7 front bumper upgrade advice please

Mathew Walford

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I hope you don’t mind me posting this here. I currently own an A6 C7 2013 2.0 SE and want to convert the front bumper to the S-Line version as I have already completed side sills and rear bumper from a 2015 model. The question I have is will a 2015 onwards front bumper fit my car? So many places advertise the bumpers for 2015 on and state the fit won’t be the same. Looking at the parts they seem identical. Any help would be appreciated.
Cheers in advance


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No they wont fit as the 2015 is the facelift model and will have new shape headlights which are slightly different shape to the pre facelift ones.


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I would also say they won't fit, could be differences in the lights, wings, bonnet or mounts etc. This company sell and RS6 style front-end conversion and specify it won't fit the Pre-FL model, and I'm sure they would not miss out selling to the Pre-FL market if it would. fit http://www.xukexclusive.com/store/p...S6_2015__TO_RS6_C7_"Without_front_grill".html

I'm sure you could make a FL bumper fit but you could be looking at a lot of work & parts!

Mathew Walford

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Thanks guys for your much needed advice! I would have gone ahead and got one had it not been for seeing the forum!
Cheers again