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A6 3.0 V6 Error P2108 when engine is warm and engine cuts

dannybgoode Oct 24, 2020

  1. dannybgoode

    dannybgoode Registered User

    Having a couple of issues with my A6 3.0 V6. It looks like an idiot happened (who shall remain nameless) and somehow petrol ended up in it. My mechanic has been out, flushed the engine and tank, cleaned it all up, new fuel filter etc and she started up and ran nice and smooth. New battery as well so all was looking good.

    Took her out to give her a good Italian tune and to get any last **** out of the system abs again she ran fine, plenty of pick up no issues at all. However as soon as the engine was up to temperature it died completely. I was doing 50mph and it just cut out. Was happy to freewheel but then wouldn’t restart. Once the temperature was back below 45-50c she started again. A bit lumpy at first but soon cleared and just about got home and the engine died again.

    Just been out to get her and again as she had cooled down again she started, again a bit lumpy but soon smoothed out. My drive was only a minute away so got her on the drive and left her running and as soon as she was up to temperature she cut out again. OBDII shows P2108 Throttle Actuator module so is it just a case of getting a new throttle body? Just wondered why she’s cutting out once up to temperature - is this how they generally fail? Could having petrol in have affected things somehow?

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